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The truth is not everyone is ready! How many times have you gone to start this new program or try to lose weight and failed? I mean you need to lose a quick 10lbs but waited until 5 days before that wedding or vacation.

When I first started as a personal trainer back in 2012 I would literally work with ANYONE, anyone who would pay me to train them and some who even didn’t. I know right. Now I have a screening process to protect you as the client and save your money. (Click here to see from other clients and learn more)

The truth is not everyone is ready to start a fitness journey. So it is more than just what you want to see from it is has to be something you are going to commit your time to also.

A great question I love to ask potential clients is, in the next 3-6 months is there anything coming up that could hinder your progress?

That doesn’t mean you can not lose weight if you going to a wedding or vacation but it does mean our game plan needs to be different.

The Live Healthy programming I offer is not some $75 bull crap program you get in a PDF email and think that by eating eggs at 10am and peanut butter at 12pm your going to lose weight.

I mean think about it seriously… anything you have ever achieved in your life has been because you have gotten out of your comfort zone and grown.

The time you went to college…. did you buy your essays offline because you didn’t want to right them and they were only $75?

I sure hope not, because your not going to grow and learn anything if that was you! Just like your not going to grow or get the weight loss SUTAINABLE results you want by buying into some bull crap program that’s a “deal”. This is an investment in yourself that yields permanent growth.

I only work with serious people who are ready for a change why because those people are going to have the best results and I can make the biggest positive impact on their lives.

So here are a few ways to see if your ready!

  1. You know your WHY. Why do you want to do this deeper than I want to feel better. The deeper the why the better!
  2. Know your limits. For example if you can only workout 3 days a week.
  3. Know what you expect to do
  4. Know what you expect to get from your trainer
  5. Know what happens once you reach your goals
  6. Know you need at least 8-12 weeks to commit to this

Work through your screening calls on these questions and you will be better likely to see the results you want when the timing is right in your life.

Ready to get serious about your goals and stop opting for a “deal” on your life? Click this link to hear more from past clients.

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