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First off it has been a little while a few weeks since I got a chance to really sit down and write out some concentrated information. You see this is me. All me, I am the writer of all my content, unlike a lot of bloggers and influences today I do not hire someone to say stuff for me and appeal to the masses. Why? I want to appeal to you.

Hopefully you are reading this and on some kind of journey with fat loss. Well today I am going to break down for you a little bit about metabolic adaptation and hormone unbalance.

90% of the women I work with under eat and have at some point in their life. Y’all this is me, I have been there too! Well lets dig into this.

Let’s just say you are a 30 year old women who is 5’4 and weights 170 pounds. Let’s say you want to lose 15-20 pounds and drop body fat. Okay now you have been working out for 3-5 days a week and you already know you shouldn’t just do cardio. Your workouts consist of 3-5 lifts and 2-3 days of 20-30 minute cardio.

Well your textbook perfect for fat loss so far. Okay so where should you start your calories at?

a. 1200-1300

b. 1500-1600

c. 1900-2000

d. 2000+

If you answered b. 1500-1600 calories you would be correct! Yay you. Now your are doing your thing but you are not seeing any reasult’s. Let’s say it has been 10-12 weeks you have been consistent and nothing, just maybe 1-2 pounds but that is it.

What do you do now?

a. Cut more calories

b. Look at diet and stress history

c. Keep going as you are

If you answered look at diet and stress history you are on a roll and would be correct.

Okay so thinking back 2years you have always been under eating for your bodies needs. You have been at 1300-1600 calories for most of you life and always working out hard doing what you should be doing right?

Well the data is telling us we are not doing something right … so you decide to lower training and reduce stress now what about your diet what do we do with the calories?

a. 1200-1300

b. 1500-1600

c. 1900-2000

d. 2000+

Hopefully you chose d. 2000+ That is correct yall we need to bump those calories way up, reduce training and reduce stress.

Try telling this to a 30 women who her entire life she has under eaten and even seen results in the past this way.

Well this women also has two choices trust her trainer or stay right where she is, revert to old ways and not reach her goals.

Let’s keep going and dig a little into why this is. If you have been following me for a while you know that under eatting leads to fat sotorage and weight gain. I know what you are thinking but Ashley my watch said I burned 1000 calories and I ate 1300 calories today how can I possible eat more and expect to lose weight.

Your watch is a guesstimate first of all and second you body is surviving at that amount of caloric burn. To avoid this rabbit whole let me get back on topic.

Since the past two years have been the same your body has been in a consistent state of stress and deficient which means hormones are also going to be out of balance. In this consistent state of stress your cortisol levels are going to be sky high and the only way this can help is if cortisol steals from progesterone and when progesterone is down estrogen is up all of that is an impossible formula to lose body fat. Combined this with the fact that atleast for the past two years and quite possibly most of your life you have under eaten (like me, I have been here too and many many other women before you) so your metabolism is really down regulated. Your maintenance level might be around 1400 calories honestly which is really really low and a stressful survival state for your body. 

In order to get you where you want to be we need to get we need to be able to get you at a maintenance point of 2000+ calories for a period of time this can take some time several months or more. Likely 9 months to a year. Personally I am going through it right now and I know what it feels like. I actually cried when I objectively looked at my own data and found this out. I cried because I was disappointed in myself. Disappointed that my anorexia and bulimia had led me to this place. Overcoming that and working my butt off to get where I am then to have to up my intake more SUCKSSSSS. Let’s get off another rabbit trail and stay focused.

You will find that anyone with adequate knowledge in this field will tell you the same thing for a case study like this. So what what does it look like for you? This is going to look like is an increase in food and more less stressful training and ways to reduce stress over all. We have to look at this from the bigger picture of overall health and well being for your body over the long term. That is going to be including low impact training and things like sauna use as an example. 

I know this isn’t good news for a lot of women but there is a silver lining. You get to eat a tonnnn of food, carbs, fat protein the good stuff and you have to take your body through this to get to fat loss or you will literally stay in the same place you are now.

When the data speaks we listen. It doesn’t mean we like the data’s answers and certainly you do not have to do this alone.

The average amount of time I work with a client since I started as trainer in 2008 is 3 years. Anyone who is going to take your calories to anything below 1500 is doing it wrong.

Will you see weight loss, yup and in a few months you will gain it right on back.

Now before you run off thinking each client takes 3 years to see results this example remember is for the chronic under eater not the person that eats to much or is new to tracking. It is very possible to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks and keep it off for the rest of your life!

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