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Can I let you in on a little secret that no one tells you about? I mean you see all these girls walking around with 6 pack abs eating everything in sight!

If your anything like me the first time I saw this I was like oh okay, she eats all this to fool us and then probably starves herself the day before and day after to make up for this.

I mean who can eat like this enjoy foods they love, drink on a boat all day long while looking bomb in a swim suit.

People who starve themselves and “earn it”. DUH !

So let me break it down a little more. In order to starve yourself the best thing you can do is wake up and drink coffee and lick a spoon of peanut butter. I mean everyone knows you have to eat something first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going and burn fat.

Okay, okay now that we have that down. Grab a cup of coffee to go out the door, add whatever you want this is lunch. We all know coffee curbs your appetite so make sure its a big cup.

Sweet now you have your cortisol levels spiked, after a night of not sleeping very well. ⁣YESS!

Okay so far so good, now we have our coffee and spiked the crap out of our cortisol levels so we can hit the ground running at work and get so busy taking care of everyone else and the jobs at hand that you “forget” to eat. #winning

Cool, you made it through the day and “earned” that snack so go ahead, make a “healthy” choice and grab a sugar free granola bowl with yogurt and cheese stick at 4 pm. ⁣I mean it has protein, good source of fat and carbs top that with some fruit and a cheese tick because you earned it.

The traffic on the way home is going to be a pain, and you have to do life when you get home so you might as well grab another coffee, maybe even a latte. Gotta keep your cortisol levels up to burn fat right?

Final made it 7 PM when your realize how freaking hungry you are and make your way to the pantry. Start by having a bite or two and a hand full of this. I mean its just a little and you were so good today! Crap now you stood their for 10 minutes and ate approximately 75% of your pantry. ⁣

I mean at this point you decide to grab a glass of wine because why not! You need to fill those missed calories.

1, 2, 3 glasses in and your feeling better, enough to ease the day and do the trick. Oh and to lower inhibition and desire to exercise. ⁣
Then you decide to go back for the other 25% of the pantry. The “bad foods” ⁣because you have no inhibition now and well you have entered in to “Screw it” and “I deserve this” mode. Tomorrow is a new day right? You will knock um dead then.

Oh… you’ve already tried that? 😂⁣You mean it didn’t work?

Shoot spiking your cortisol levels and “forgetting” to eat and then …. you get the point….

Maybe just maybe all of that is not the answer then. ⁣

Do you want the real answer? I am taking on only 3 new clients are ready to get into a better QUARANTINE ROUTINE starting next week. Use this link to learn more about what that opportunity looks like. 


Space is limited and these slots will fill up, drop some pounds during COIVD19 don’t add them!

I promise this is the last “diet” you will ever need!

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