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Laughter and the ability to laugh at yourself takes courage, just like the ability to know when you need help. God made us for community we were not meant to go through this life alone. Fill your circle with people who lift you up and make you better.

The truth is there are tons of great trainers out there and people you can ask for help on your fitness journey but you need a trainer that you connect with someone who you are going to be able to relate to. I hope that trainer is me.
At the end of the day if the you do not relate to your trainer they could have all the “secrets” and answers in the world but if your not willing to yield their advice and relate to them your not going to reach your goals. Choice a trainer that fits you. Learn more about online training here, no gimmicks and the last “diet” you will ever need!
Tell me one thing you look for in a good trainer. Ps- Use this link in my bio to snag a spot on my FREE LIVE WORKOUT team. Every Thursday at 6pm EST. for all levels. You must register! https://ashleymiller5.typeform.com/to/Doj81z

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Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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