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The fact that your here says you care, you care enough about your body to take five minutes to read about it too.

The truth is you eat macros weather or not you count them. No matter what diet you are on or not on your eating macros. So I do not want to hear you say, I do not use macros, yes, yes you do. In fact that is as silly as saying you go to the bathroom and do not use toilet paper. Yes, yes you do. For those of you saying not if I a man and I am going #1, just stop reading this and wasting you time.

Remember last week, I talked about mindset, your mindset needs to be in the right place. So if your mindset is not ready to trust the expert then your wasting your time here.

Now for those who are still on board with me listen up! Here are some red flags for me as a trainer when you come to me. These flags all tell me one thing… but first lets take a look a a few of the top ones.

  1. I eat healthy and I can’t lose weight – (What, does eating “healthy” have to do with weight loss?)
  2. Abs are made in the kitchen – (So are brownies and you can eat them and still have abs)
  3. Cardio Queen – Enough said (Most of my programs the MOST cardio you are doing is 2x a week)
  4. Meal replacement shakes, keto, atkins, weight watchers, beach body, whole 30, detox tea, your sisters moms best friend who thought about being a personal trainer said ….

All of these things tell me you need my help and you need it now. You do not need to keep “trying it” on your own for two more weeks and if you do not see results then you will do it. You do not need one more girls night then you will do it.

Y’all do you think I don’t eat cake, or have girls nights, or eat pizza … whatever old school spend 1-2 hours in the gym method your Grandmas cousin used is dated and not sustainable. This Eat Cake Lose Weight Method is backed by a little something called SCIENCE and sustainability.

I do not care how your Grandmas cousin lost weight through the Cheerios diet, she still counted and ate macros and your still going to have a more kick a** body then her if you let yourself do this.

Stop denying the fact that you use toilet paper in the bathroom and can do it on your own. World class athletes have coaches that is part of how they became world class athletes so why can’t you have a trainer for a few weeks?

Don’t listen to me fine, use this link to read about those who have, and see the proof in the pudding yourself!


Eat Cake Lose Weight!

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Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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