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We have all heard of fasting (going without food and in some cases liquid for a period of time) in some form or another but does it work for weight loss?

It is all subjective and based on the individual. So let’s look at a case study… ME. I suffered from anorexia for many years in college and royally screwed up my metabolism because of that.

In an effort to keep it short let me explain it like this: Lets say for the last 4 years you have been dieting off and on. Cutting out food groups (maybe “carbs” or what most people think carbs are, breads and grains) and doing a ton of cardio. Maybe you didn’t even exercise but you just cut out calories, skipped meals and just “cut back”. Doing all of any of these things put your body in a deficit. A consistent state of not getting enough calories needed for survival.

I know you might be thinking isn’t that the point in weight loss? Calories in need to be less than calories out. No not exactly.

So you in the consistent deficit and you see some weight loss but what you do not know is its not fat loss. It is muscle loss, it is getting you a leaner frame sure but the consiquences your going to get later are going to cause you bigger probelms if you ever stuggle with your weight again.

Chances are if your reading this your already there. So for someone who has dieted like this in the past will not see anything but weight gain and inflamation from fasting for 23 hours a day.

Why? You have slowed your metablism down through years of teaching it how to survive without food. Your body is smart yall it is meant to adapt to live!

Have you ever seen that show Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel (fun fact 3 Degree Fitness is a proud partner with Discovery and their employees for Corporate Wellness (learn more here))? On this show typically you see people lose 10lbs on their 21 days without much food or water. They do lose body fat in the desert trying to survive so what makes you think that you should apply these same methods to your diet in the comfort or your own home?

Why do some people lose weight on a 23 hour fasting diet? The have never put their body in a consistent state of a deficit. So naturally their body is going to respond it trust you to keep to keep feeding it but it will come to realize it is not time to eat and sort out what types of foods to store but to use any thing it gets. Now at this point it is not sure when it will eat again so it needs to hold onto everything to make it out alive.

So what happens when you reach your goal weight with this and start eating again? Those of you have have dieted this way before already know where I am going here. Y’all that weight comes right back but this time your going to get an extra 10 pounds with it in case you try to do that to your body again it wants to be prepared. Now you have taught your body how to not trust when it is going to be fed so it slows down store up foods like a chipmunk for winter and you start too look that way too.

Save yourself the headache and get a trainer who can objectively look at you goals and results. Stay tuned next week where I tell you how to fix this issue if you have done this to your meatblism.

Can’t wait … click this link to set up a conversation with me to learn more .


Another thing to keep in mind about fasting, it will also work if you stay in the parameters of your macros. So if you do not eat all day and then still undereat it is not going to work, if you still over eat it is not going to work, if you have the wrong macro breakdown counting is not going to work.

Skip the confusion, save time, money and frustration work with me in online personal training!

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