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Harsh right? Seriously though how many times have you run into someone when they say they want to lose weight this new year. Let me walk you through a conversation I just had yesterday in the gym.

Me: Hey hows is going, I am Ashley.

Prospective Client: Oh hey, I am (we call them Joe) Joe. Nice to meet you.

Me: So Joe what are you working on today?

Joe: Well, I am just trying to get back into the gym I took Sunday off which I know, I know I shouldn’t have

Me: Oh really? Why not, I never workout on the weekends that is my rest and me time.

Joe: Oh yeah, that is nice, I am just trying to get this weight off but I am taking it easy you know just doing a lot of cardio haha got to get rid of these calories.

Me: Hmm, why so much cardio? I mean I don’t know much about you or your history but I can tell you if your goal is “weight loss” tons of cardio is actually the opposite of what you want to be doing. You should be integrating more heavy dynamic lifts with mild amounts of varying cardio. This would yield you the best results the fastest.

Joe: Oh yeah I know, and I will I just want to get this weight off first. Plus I do a lot of heavy lifting two days a week when the truck comes in, so I get my heavy lifts in then.

Me: (thinking to myself this is a pointless conversation, this guy is not open to the truth he needs to try and fail first) I see so you have been doing this kind of lifting regularly for an extended period of time and your adding in excess cardio and hoping to see results?

Joe: Oh yeah haha your right, I guess I wouldn’t see any results If I keep doing what my body is already use to and adding in only cardio and occasionally random lifting. I never thought of that, you must be a personal trainer or something.

Me: Haha yes, actually I own a Fitness Company 3 Degree Fitness. Well listen I am going to let you get back to your workout, you know where to find me when your ready to see some results!

Joe: Okay great! I am looking forward to working on it.

You see the point in this conversation is relationship builder it starts the conversation, I am not pitching you anything or trying to sell you something. The bottom line is if your not mentally in the right head space your not physically going to be open to my expertise. It is an internal choice. Joe will be back, in about 2 weeks when he is seeing no results and ready to quit all together.

Save yourself this story and about 4 weeks of not getting any results and lets start that conversation today!

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