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Remember last week I left you say it was about to get really good, I didn’t lie. Y’all better hold on for this one.

If you missed out I STRONGLY recommend you go back to 12/23/19 and read that one. To give you a little summery in case your kinda lazy about things like going back to find another blog post, like I am ….

I talk about when I hired a online “coach” once and when I started to ask why she said, “It sounds like you are looking for a different type of mentor program, I am here to help guide you on what to do not go into detailed reasons as to why, that would take months” As you know I am a WHY women, I want to show my clients the reason’s what they have done in the past has not worked.

The reality is 99% of my clients have tired a diet or workout program of some sort so why not understand why it didn’t work and why online personal training with me will. (click here to learn more about online personal training https://www.3degreefitness.com/personaltraining.php )

So in summery I told you, a coach is

-not a certified trainer

-they have NO actual formal education to back them

-they are working based on practical experience, what worked for them or people they know

-they are quick to knock trainers thinking they know more than all of them

Sounds like basic in-mature high school drama where we belittle others that make us insecure.

Okay now what about a personal trainer. I mean they do sometimes get a bad wrap. Want to know why?

A personal trainer is certified not always, so ask your trainer. Are you certified, oh with who…. generally speaking all trainers at gym are going to be certificated. This certification exam is offered through 1000 different organizations. There are a few that are the gold standard across the industry and the rest of them well… they mean nothing. Frankly no gym or corporate business will hire a trainer without one of these.


Now to avoid going down a rabbit trail I just want to say this, any organization, studio, personal gym, boot camp, or club is not going to have certified personal trainers. Some may, but generally speaking they are “coaches” so ASK QUESTIONS!

The answer as to why not? Money. A personal trainer is going to cost a business around $50-100 a hour where a coach is going to cost around $10-18. Some coaches do not even get paid, they trade free memberships for coaching classes. ASK QUESTIONS.

Darn another bunny trail thought, okay really quick. Why do you care about this? The short answer, INJURY, SUSTAINABILITY, RESULTS OVER TIME, and VALUE.

If you have been working with a certified personal trainer or are a fitness professional and have a more than general understanding of proper body mechanics and weight loss then by all means join one of these “coaching” clubs or do a beach body workout.

Okay okay, back to the topic.

Hire a certified personal trainer to

-aviod injury

-understand proper body mecahnics (how your body moves)

-understand recovery

-understand warm up

-see results based on your goals

The down sides

-you do not know how much experience this personal trainer has aside from what they tell you

-they may not have any other certifications or knowledge outside of a basic personal training certification and while very complex and detailed they need more a certification is a starting point.

-ask them what they have done since their certification to enhance their knoweldge

-ask them what was the last convention they attended or article they read related to their field

ASK QUESTION, before you drop $5-10k on a trainer at your gym 🙂

Yes you will spend that much, the average cost my clients spend with me before feeling ready to move on about $2-3k

Sounds good in comparison doesn’t it. I mean think about it if I told you this year you do not get to go on vacation but you do get to reach your dream body for yourself and will learn the skills you need to never get back to the place you are now. Would you do it?

So what do I really think you should do? Find the best of both worlds.

You see I think you need is

-a certified personal trainer who also has a higher level of education in that same field

-in addition to a certification and bachelors degree, I think you need someone who has a degree in nutrition

-someone who understands the industry trends and stays current

-someone who reads about their industry daily

-someone who goes to conventions and is always learning

-someone who completed continuing education

-someone who can fix your current injuries, pains and things that happened over the years

-someone who is not going to say push through but rather fix this so the pain stops, I know what they told you but they were wrong

-someone is is able to train personal trainers and students on how to help others lose weight and reaach their goals

-someone who has been on their own personal joruney

-someone who calls, texts, facetimes, or emails you when you do not show up for yourself

-someone who is asking questions that are not about workouts and meal plans

-someone who wants to know about your life stressers

-someone who wants to know why you have not made it yet to your goals

-frankly someone who sees you as more than a $dollar sign and wants to help you learn so you know longer need her anymore

Sounds to good to be to true and if it is true it is probably to expensive and will be just another thing you try and fail at. Just another waste of money, just another trainer.

Wow listen to yourself! You sound like your about to click the x in the top corner but what if just what if you decided not to, what if you took that leap of faith to just take one more tiny, tiny step in the right direction. I am talking putting your toe in the water tiny step.

If you want real results, a real human who cares, and you want to learn not to mention keep the weight off.

Click here to take that tiny, tiny step.

Click here if you want to take a step that you go up to your ankles in the water today.

Click the X if you are to afraid and want to continue to live life like you are forever. Or at least at the very, very least use the box below to continue to hear from me on my blog.

Remember I am so glad your hear, and in case you missed the big point. COACHES AND IN PERSON PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE NOT WHAT YOU NEED. ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING is the best of all of it, weather with me or someone else, just be sure to ASK QUESTIONS about their education and what they are doing now to continue growth.

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