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I know, I know everyone is trying to sell you something right now, new year new you! You have heard that before I am sure.

Here is the deal, you need to decide what style of program will work for you. Do you need daily accountability? Do you need nutritional coaching? Do you need workout planning? Do you need to just lose weight and be told what to do? Do you want to learn in the process? Do you have the ability to track food? Do you even want too?

I get asked this ALL the time… “what do you think about … beach body, orange theory, burn boot camp, crossfit, tummy wraps, weight watchers, keto, what do you think about …. does it work.

If off, I am flattered that people respect my professional opinion on it enough to ask me. Secondly, most of the time if you are asking me you already know the answer and you are just hoping I am going to say something different.

ITS ALL THE SAME! All of those diet are the same, they all have one common denominator that causes the same problems in you and your weight loss journey over and over and over 1000000000x.

IT IS NOT TEACHING YOU ANYTHING! As a business owner I should be glad right? It is good for business, you sign up, you lose the weight, you feel great, then 3-4 months go by and your signing up again.

Learning this CRUCIAL yet straightforward COMPONENT that was figured out inside of my Online Training You will allow you to achieve the following……

You’ll learn how to eat ALL THE foods (like cake) you actually enjoy, and crave, while not sacrificing results.

You’ll have the chance to learn HOW, and WHY we do the things we do inside of your program, instead of just being told “eat this, don’t eat this,” or “Lift this way, do this type of cardio.”

As soon as you understand the science and reasoning, your life will never be the same. 

Finally, understand how to create results YOURSELF. (Rather than always relying on a “challenge,” or a “detox.”)

You will lose the fat, build the muscle, and this time KEEP IT FOREVER. Not just for a few months, then feeling like you are worse off than when you started. https://www.3degreefitness.com/personaltraining.php

Use this link to set up your free consult call and put the countless beach body 21 day challenges, kick start bull behind!



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Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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