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Hold onto your seats, this is going to get good!

If you read my last blog you would have heard me touch on this a little (see 12/17/19 post).

Before I dive all in on this I want you to know something….. I hired a online “coach” once and when I started to ask why she said, “It sounds like you are looking for a different type of mentor program, I am here to help guide you on what to do not go into detailed reasons as to why, that would take months”

Want to know how much weight I lost with her… 3 pounds in 8 weeks. Was it all her fault absolutely NOT but it didn’t help that she didn’t seem to care if I understood or not, I would reach out with questions and not hear back for a week at times. This was the “available 24/7 kind of “coach”

Let me be very clear when I tell you it was not her fault I didn’t see results but it is her fault that she didn’t keep me as a client.

My entire 8 weeks of online “training” with her I never heard from her once. When I asked her why she said, It is not her job to babysit her clients, she works with people who are committed, and it is clear I was not committed to my goals. Not to mention if she reached out to each of her clients that did not do the required bi-weekly check in she would be doing that every day.

Was she wrong? Did that make me angry? Why would she even want to work with me? Did she even care? All question and thoughts I had.

Did I feel like she just wanted my $Money, $450 of it per 8 weeks.


Did I do my homework, follow her on social media, read about it on her website, see testimonials?


Was I impressed by her over 15k following and thought that made her more crediable?


Do I think she provides value and can help people to this day?

YES, for people who just want to be told, do this, eat that, listen, see results do not listen, do not see results. Quit training and keep working out or gain the weight back, this is your life now.

Would I hire her again as an online coach?

Absolutely NOT, when you appeal to everyone your motivation behind your appeal is in the wrong place. Meaning if your target audience is everyone and all personal trainers, then your goal isn’t to make an impact it is to make money.

You see, the more time that has gone by the more I have learned. One thing is clear, we are creatures of habit we are attracted to what we see in others that we want and do not have. We see the pretty polished side or the “real” side that people want to share and show us on social media.

People on social media who are coaches, have usually gone through some sort of personal transformation themselves, had friends ask them what they did to lose the weight and then taught themselves or have been shown how to grow a social media following an got your attention along the way.

Remember we are creatures of habit, we want what we see other people have and think if they have that then they can show me how to have it too.

Why do you think people are so quick to do a diet a friend did that worked for them?

So what does that mean for you and what you should do? First understand the difference in a coach and trainer.

Let me break it down a coach

-is not a certified trainer

-they have NO actual formal education to back them

-they are working based on practical experience, what worked for them or people they know and

-they are quick to knock personal trainers

-they claim they know more than all or most personal trainers out there

-they claim their way is the best way and they can get results that work (oh wait that is everyone in the fitness industry, haha)

-they have a TON of followers on social media and some how this makes them credible?

What about a personal trainer? check back next week for the rest of the scoop. Next blog post, Monday 12/30/19 subscribe below so you do not miss it. It’s it just starting to get good!

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