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So you know it all right and you don’t need a online trainer like myself, then why are your reading my blog? Harsh right? Or just honest? Anyway…

Maybe it is to learn more, maybe it is to confirm what you know or maybe it is because I make you laugh and smile. Whatever the reason I am glad you here!

So LETSSSSSS see what you know.

You see the problems below, are oh so very common in some form or fashion.
Want to know the truth, the SOLUTION was always the same……. 

Here is the problems I find!

They would get into a relationship and end up “Fat On Love.” 
       This is a case where the female in the relationship would follow the same eating patterns as her male counterpart, which 9/10 times will result in rapid “love gains, and not just in the love-handles.

They would go on a vacation, then have a wedding, or any normal “life event”, and would have no idea how to handle this on their own. 

Clients would fail to follow protocol for a “Post Fat Loss” strategy.

Which “post fat-loss” is 5x as important as the actual diet itself!

So instead of reverse dieting, they would just continue their normal (pre-coaching) eating patterns, and completely ruin the progress they had made, and making it even HARDER to lose the weight again.

I would see individuals “self-sabotage,” and find a subconscious need to find a “safe place” again in food, where we needed to have more communication, and support to find the “root issues”.

All of this led to us digging in and figuring out that there was a HUGE missing piece to ALL online coaching platforms…

See, the reason you’re not getting the results your after has little to do with macros, cardio, training programming, or supplements. 

With my online training YOU LEARN how to eat ALL the foods, like cake that (including alcohol) you actually enjoy, and crave, while not sacrificing results.
You’ll have the chance to learn HOW, and WHY I do the things I do inside of your program, instead of just being told “eat this, don’t eat this,” or “Lift this way, do this type of cardio.”

Once you take the time to understand the why behind things, your life will never be the same. Your success rate will improve and you will be unstoppable with what you can achieve for yourself.

I hired a online “coach” once and when I started to ask why she said, “It sounds like you are looking for a different type of mentor program, I am here to help guide you on what to do not go into detailed reasons as to why, that would take months”

Want to know how much weight I lost with her… 3 pounds in 8 weeks. Was it all her fault absolutely NOT but it didn’t help that she didn’t seem to care if I understood or not, I would reach out with questions and not hear back for a week at times. This was the “available 24/7 kind of “coach” (a coach is not a certified trainer, they have NO actual formal education to back them, they are working based on practical experience, what worked for them or people they know and they are quick to knock trainers, see my next blog Monday, 8am for more on the difference)

The point is, If I work with you and can teach you the why, then you can take that with you in life. My goal as a online trainer is not to keep my clients forever, it is to teach you help your surpass your goals and send you off into the world to impact others.

Do some of my clients turn their journey into a new found career passion, YES and I love to mentor them but some of them do not and that is okay too! I am still just as confident in their ability to keep their weight off and that is a big part of the impact I want to leave all my clients with, REAL LIFE CHANGING RESULTS, not seasonal results so you will come back 100000 times and keep spending money with me.

Why wait another 6 months before you start working toward a better tomorrow when you can start today? Learn more here, https://www.3degreefitness.com/personaltraining.php

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Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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