(10 minute quiz)

Are you …..

  • Struggling to gain muscle, lose body fat, or both?
  • ​​Wanting to be told “WHY”, instead of just being told “WHAT” to do, and eat?
  • ​​​Are you tired of not having people in your life who actually support your healthy lifestyle?
  • ​​​Feeling frustrated that you can’t include cake, soda, and other foods you crave in your “lifestyle?”
  • ​​Wanting like-minded people to help push, motivate, and hold you accountable?
  • ​Are you ready feel confident naked?
  • ​​​Tired of trying various challenges, and fad diets without actually LEARNING what works for you LONG TERM?
  • ​​Struggling to learn how to enjoy social settings with your spouse, family, or friends without feeling the guilt of falling off track?
  • ​​​Consistently losing weight, regaining, losing, and regaining – “yo-yo dieting”, and can’t seem to find a system that works for YOU long term?
  • ​Can’t figure out how much food you should be eating, how to calculate your macros, when to make adjustments, or what types of foods to choose?
  • ​Overwhelmed and confused wondering if you should “not eat carbs after dark, avoid carbs all together, EAT MORE CARBS, not drink wine, do more cardio, oh wait, cardio is bad!” … we’ll tell you what is fact, vs fiction for YOU! 

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, I want to speak with you! If you qualify, we’ll hold a brief 1-1 call to discuss your future, and determine if a partnership together is the right fit for you. Just click below to apply! 


Published by 3 Degree Fitness, Eat Cake Lose Weight!

Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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