Are You Suffering From Exercise Resistance?

(10 minute read)

Studies show increasing benefits to those who exercise. What about those of us who just hit the gym hard on the weekends, is that enough?

Is it enough to be a weekend warrior and have a weight loss goal? Well… that depends on what your workouts look like.

I was recently reading an article from IDEA Fitness Journal discussing prolonged sitting and its effects on undoing exercise.

This had me thinking, okay so now I have to tell my clients that if they have a sedentary job then they might as well not exercise or hit the gym because there is no added benefit. Listen up, because that is not what I am saying at all.

I do think as I mentioned above it depends on the type of workout your doing. Meaning if you only hit the gym on the weekends for lets say 1 hour each then you go to church and have a nice plate of french toast at brunch to follow.

It will not matter how hard you worked out in the gym your body is likely going to develop Exercise Resistance.

Exercise resistance is the idea that your body is resistant to the typical response of exercise. When you exercise using interval training it deminishes the incresae of fats in the blood stream after eatting and imporves glucose tolerance as well as insluin sensitivty.

People who are sedentary throughout the week and then introduce activity do not see the acute benefits of this therefore are suffering from Exercise Resistance.

So what do you do? Get up off your butt more… no, seriously. Even just standing at your desk would make you less likely to develop this resistance. Adding in more smaller bouts of exercise throughout the week is another way to aviod this resitance. Do not wait untill you have time to fit it in. Make it a priority to make time to make it happen! We all have the same 24 hours in day.

Yes, I do not know what that looks like for you but I do know we all get 24 hours and have to prioritize it so ask your self how important are you?

Maybe that means carving out just 10 more minutes … see my next blog post on how to Crave Out Time For YOU! Subscribe here so you do not miss it!

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