Eat Cake Lose Weight!

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I know what you must be thinking, eat cake lose weight… right okay what kind of cardboard crap is this girl talking about now! Ya’ll this is real cake that you make at home or pick up at the bakery no tricks and gimmicks here!

I teach you a sustainable approach to weight loss. It is that simple. You see in my 8 years in this industry and lifetime experience eating cake 🙂 I have found that my clients are the most successful.

Why? Not because I have been on a weight loss journey myself, not because of my credentials or education level but honestly because my approach is effective, it’s REAL . This concept of Eating Cake and Losing Weight allows you to achieve the goals you have and eat the foods you love but more importantly helps you climb through all the bull crap that is out there.

Lets be honest there is a ton of bull crap and lies out there how do you decipher through it? I mean should you eat carbs, should you eat when your full, how about breakfast or fasting. Should you eat before you workout? You best friends moms sister lost 50lbs on the juice cleanse so should you do that?

Let me give you an example to help you answer that.

Example: Client A uses Google, and Pinterest to come up with a diet workout plan and starts eating “healthy” trying to eat less processed foods, cut back on sweets and stop eating at 8pm, client A even joins the gym and plans to go twice a week. She is feeling nervous and is already thinking about how she might fail. Her best friend plans to workout with her and she has hired a trainer in the past so they are going to use those workouts.

Client B hires a kick butt caring, funny and highly experienced nationally certified personal trainer with her masters in nutrition. I know what you are thinking already STOP THAT Negative Self Talk. Do not even go down that devaluing path about money barriers. We will get to that! Now back to client B. Client B has her new online trainer, she has a set plan in the gym, she know exactly what foods to eat when, shes taken progress pictures, measured in multiple ways, downloaded apps to help her and has a designated accountability and support team. Client B also has expressed to her trainer she is feeling scared, and gets really nervous going to the gym. She works out but loves to cope with soda and a cupcake after the gym. She is afraid she will fail because nothing has worked before.

Remember client A? Well turns out her friend stopped coming the gym and shes trying to offer her support but shes “fell off the wagon” and really not being that supportive on “girls nights”. The workouts are going okay but client A is still feeling nervous in the gym, shes sticking with. Client A does good Monday-Friday and “deserves” her cheat meals she added in. Oh and she is eating better so she should be seeing results right?

Maybe…but they are not going to last the way she is headed, honestly I would give client A two weeks before she is right back to her old habits feeling defeated and like she has tried everything. My response, yeah she has “tired everything” except believing and investing in herself!

Remember client B? Client B is slowly getting over her fear of going to the gym as shes is getting more comfortable in her workouts, shes has started to notice a difference in her cloths and has already lost 10lbs. Client B is not feeling like she needs a “cheat meal” because she is struggling with the idea that it is okay to have soda and cake and lose weight, but her numbers do not lie! Client B is wondering if her trainer is crazy and how she can be losing weight the way she is eating, the foods she loves and not having cravings or wanting to give up.

Which client sounds like there on a path that you would want to take? It sounds to good to be true right … I guess if you want to live in that negative self talk place. Or you can chose to learn and grown for yourself and see you can have the foods you love and struggle to wonder why it is working when it sounds to good to be true.

Looking for a real sustainable approach? EAT CAKE LOSE WEIGHT!

Ashley Miller, MPH, CHES, CPT

Published by 3 Degree Fitness, Eat Cake Lose Weight!

Online Personal Trainer, showing women how to eat cake, lose weight and keep it off!

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