Not All Bubble Baths and Candles!

Listen up, so last week I talked about self love, and integrated in self care. WELLLLLLL….. I have been doing some refelcting this week and I say to heck with bubble baths and books.

(This is 2 min read with a 20 minute listen)

I know, I know, I gave you permission to grab your vino and sink in the bubbles but this is so much more than that. Hence the two blogs about it. So in and effort to keep it simple I am going to drop the link here. If you are looking for more than on self care and want actualy practical things you can do to increase and improve your self care today! Use this link and listen to it as Rachel Brenke (Team USA Athlete and I dive in)

Use this box, to stay in the know about my latest post, while I strive to provide you usable content and humor all at the same time. What good is life if you can’t laugh at it!

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