Self Love, a Must Have In Life

I recently was asked to be on the Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke, Team USA Athlete, entrepreneur, lawyer, Momma of 5, military spouse, cancer survivor, oh and 100lb lighter heck of a women! If you want to see more about Rachel and her brands of hear the podcast episode use the linked words above (podcast = podcast link 😉 ).

Quick Side note before we dig in if you need any legal council, contracts or plan darn good inspiration other than what I give ya’ll here I promise you won’t be disappointed. I fully support this girl, as local Fredericksburg, VA women we have actually met in person which is crazy these days!

Okay, Okay, the reason your all here, lets DIVE IN TO SELF CARE! Now in an effort to keep this a short read as all of my blog posts we are going to get right to it.

In this podcast episode one of my favorite points we talk about can often be seen as a cliche question but this answer is life changing so listen up!

Q: What is one of the hardest lesson’s you have had to learn?

A: People are only going to give you the respect you give for yourself!

Example: Here’s a perfect example for what I mean as it relates to self-care.

I used to make time for my workouts daily, I would have an idea that I wanted to work out let’s say at 4pm. Well someone would call me, and something would come up where friends or loved ones would want me to change that. They were not receptive to the fact that I wanted to work out then I could come over or meet them. So, I would end up missing my workout and not bringing the best version of me to the event!

In doing this not only am I negating myself, but I am also not showing up as my best self. So instead what I do now is demand the respect for this time I devote to self-care. When friends or loved ones ask me to meet, I simply let them know I have an appointment at this time, and I can’t make it until x time. Oddly enough they except that, if they probe me more, I simply tell them I have a client.

And guess what ya’ll I do … THAT CLIENT IS ME!

So sure, they have picked up on what that means by now and from time to time may poke fun by they also know that I mean it I am not coming until I get my version of self-care in. This goes for whatever it is you chose to use as self-care demand the respect you want, and others will respond with giving you it.

Top 3 tops to help ya’ll with self-care?

Yes, so going back to some of the earlier referenced examples,

  1. Find your version of self-care, it should be something that makes you feel good, brings you joy, peace and tranquility! Self-care can come in several forms so find what works best for you I know Rachel that is being apart of Team USA, but that is just one example.

    It is also important to understand self-care can change based on your needs. For example my self-care is usually fixed around a workout but I also love a good massage, so I may from time to time replace a workout with a massage based on my needs.

    Self-care can be something as simple as;
    -Taking 30 mins to go for a walk with your dog,
    -Taking a bubble bath,
    -Reading a few chapters in a book,
    -Writing in gratitude journal,
    -Just siting in peace and stillness
    -Trying that new recipe you saw on Pinterest (click the word “Pinterest” to see and follow my account)
    -Organizing your calendar
    -Trying that new coffee shop down the road
  2. Remember People are only going to give you the respect you give yourself, set aside an appointment time for your self-care and make it known. Actually, book it in your calendar and do not move it for anything! Nothing this is your time for yourself love, and you need it each day.
  3. Lastly, I think it is important to understand that self-care is not selfish. It is a necessary part of life! We take the time every day to feed our kids, do our laundry or whatever it is on that to do list so why can’t we take a few moments for ourselves? I am here to tell you we can! You can! Did you know the average professional athlete takes 4 hours a day for self-care. You are worthy of self-care and it’s not self for you to take it so book it in your calendar’s at least 30 mins a day but frankly it should be more!

I want to close this by saying I GIVE YOU PERMISSION to take time for your self care! Did you enjoy today’s blog post? Make sure to share it with a friend and follow me on social media, I would love to talk more with you all about this and living your best life. Use this link to learn more about me!

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