Cutting, Fat and Weight Loss 101



I appreciate you taking the time to learn and grow with me. In this short read I am going to teach you the starting point on a cut.

We are going to start off super simple here, I do not want to dive right off the deep in in what is a very complicated and multi level process.

For the purposes of not complicating it, “cut” is going to be any weight loss, or fat loss you may be looking to get see. We are going to start off by learning how to “prepare” for the cut!

Using this method is going to ensure your body responds ideally to the initial deficit (a “negative” place you need to be for a cut).

In and effort to not over complicate it, and provide some context, let me describe two examples.

Subject 1: A female, comes to me to “cut”. She is currently around 25% body fat, at 150lbs and we learn that she’s been eating around 1400-1600 calories daily for several months.

Her body has become adapted to this environment and reacted by lowering energy expenditures and certain metabolic processes to avoid further weight loss.

This is a survival mechanism. Our bodies are smart and don’t want to die.

What’s a certified professional like myself to do? This individual should be maintaining her weight at around 2300 kcals. With that said she should already in a deficit. 

She’s going to have to raise food, over a prolonged period and allow her body to become rested, fed and nourished if she ever hopes to reach her goal. I know what you are thinking, I can not eat all that! It is true the body is so smart the way God made it and it adapts. Once your body feels rested, fed and nourished it will respond they way you want it too.

Subject 2: Let’s use the same female, 24% BF, at 150lbs and has been eating a high amount of food, for a long period of time. 

She hasn’t been specific or tracking but has learned to love her body, in its strong and nourished state. She may have even been eating intuitively.

The initial process is similar. We have her track her food prior to starting this journey and learn that she’s consuming between 2300-2500 kcals daily and sometimes as many as 3000, on the weekends or dinners out. We also learn that she is maintaining her weight doing this.

This will be fun…so stay with me y’all!

Subject, Female 2 if adhering to the program and is being consistent. Consistency and adherence means she is not being crazy strict with her diet and workouts and stressed. It means she is living in balance, eating her cake and enjoying her workouts as some self care time. If she is going this she is going to respond great!

This is by far the most important thing to consider when getting started. Finding balance in what your eating and how your working out but also making sure your body is in the proper caloric and metabolic state for a cut.

Stay tuned for my next blog where we will dive in depth into maintenance calories and where to start with macros! There is soooooo much info out there how do you even know what is going to work or not work?


Stay Tuned,
Ashley Miller, MPH, CHES, Master CPT

Live your best life, you are worthy!

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